The Challenge of Scale & Scope

  • 1.5Million
  • 12Million
  • 4.5Million
  • 100+Departments
  • 23Official

The Present

At present, leadership development in the Indian education sector is addressed through a set of mandates conveyed to leaders across schools. However, mechanized structures of these mandates reduce personal growth opportunities for individual leaders.

The Imagination

Contextual, relevant and quality solutions to address this complexity and encourage learning at the leadership level is crucial.

How ShikshaLokam Works?

Learning Solutions

  • e-courses
  • Sharing of resources
  • Discussions Forums
  • Case studies
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Learning Communities

Improvement Programs

  • Designing interventions
  • Managing programs
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Data Analytics
  • Report generation
  • Communities of practice