About ShikshaKalp Fellowship

In order to take forward a generation of new learners and to build upon their unique capabilities, those with a forward looking view on education are embracing the incorporation of multimedia content, as well as access to internet resources as a way to ensure inclusive education. In addition, new-age professional avenues and a digital environment are making it necessary for learners to be equipped to interface with technology, and create digital content.

Shikshakalp Fellowship brings to you an opportunity to be at the forefront of driving the digital revolution that’s changing the future of learning. The fellowship is being launched in partnership with ShikshaLokam and Mantra4Change.

The design of the programme includes both Functional and Experiential Learning methods which provide immense opportunities to learn and unlearn from everyday experiences. The participants would be able to visualise themselves as social change agents who understand the process of transformation and be passionate co-travellers in the journey towards systemic and institutional change.

Through the fellowship we aim to:

   ▶ To develop future leaders who are tuned into platform thinking.

   ▶ To unbundle existing content and curate them as Quality Digital Content.

   ▶ To conceptualise and create reusable learning quality content on the platform.

Enable Learning for anyone, any time, anywhere

The digital revolution has transformed the way we think and the way we do things. It has introduced us to a high level of customisation – be it banking, shopping, ordering food, the way we run our homes or even the way we learn. Why, then, hundreds of millions of our children in schools learn in the same age old fashion? Why do our teachers and education leaders undergo standardized capacity building sessions? Why are they not given opportunity to choose what and when to learn.

We firmly believe this will see a fundamental change – the future is all about self-paced learning of highly-customised, contextualised byte-sized content. This is what led to the conceptualization of ShikshaKalp.

The fellowship aims to transform the learning experiences of billions of our learners across age groups. Currently there is a whole lot of content available on every subject, but it’s all scattered, lacks context and is not easy to consume. Our fellows will create and curate relevant, quality digital content, which will be made accessible on ShikshaLokam platform, packaged in easily consumable units. Anyone, anywhere can learn anything at anytime. The content will meet the needs of the School Leadership, Teachers and Students.

The Journey - During the Fellowship


Learn the skill of the future - As part of the two-year Fellowship programme, you will attend several capacity building sessions, aimed at improving your knowledge and skills of designing e-learning content and developing leadership in you.


Create learning experiences for everyone - Get ready to create engaging and impactful learning experiences for learners across age groups and across geographies. ShikshaKalp would offer you a deeper understanding of domain and nuances of using technology to design ready-to-use e-learning content.


Immerse in the development sector - Experience the social problems and how different organizations are attempting to solve them from close quarters. The fellowship will give you multiple opportunities to engage closely with Govt. bodies and renowned grassroot NGOs, who are doing incredible work since decades.


Be the change agent you always wanted to be. This 2-year journey with ShikshaKalp will equip you with knowledge and experiences to lead the transformation in the development sector.

Why Join Us?