Co-creation and Collaboration are the core of ShikshaLokam. And such is the journey envisaged with our partners with whom we are working to build the platform and its capabilities through a variety of their programs.

Our Partners


    ShikshaLokam partnered with the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) to conduct statewide school assessments in Delhi. The assessments aim to create a School Development Index (SDI) covering 5800 schools that would help parents make informed decisions about choosing the right school for their child. ShikshaLokam partnered to create the SDI app through the Assessments Capability : Samiksha, of the ShikshaLokam Platform.

Mantra : Excel

    Mantra4Change expanded their operations in Andhra Pradesh this year with 100 low-fee private schools through their Excel Program. ShikshaLokam has partnered with Mantra to support the execution of the Excel Needs Assessments. The Needs Assessments are being carried out through the Excel app which has been built on the Assessments Capability : Samiksha, of the ShikshaLokam Platform.

Adhyayan Foundation: SSIP

    Adhyayan Foundation and ShikshaLokam are working together to platformise the Systemic School Improvement Programme (SSIP). The SSIP consists of Shaala Siddhi based school evaluations and the corresponding school improvement plans across the state of Goa. The SSIP when platformised shall be built on the Assessments Capability and the Improvement Projects Capability of the ShikshaLokam platform

KEF: STP and Learning and Development

    Kaivalya Education Foundation has been utilising the Learning Management Capability of the ShikshaLokam Platform to guide the Learning and Development initiatives for various stakeholders across programs. ShikshaLokam is also collaborating with the Foundation to platformise their State Transformation Program that consists of series of interventions that would incorporate the Improvement Projects, Interactions, Assessments and Learning Management Capabilities of the ShikshaLokam Platform.

Our Partners Speak