The Challenge of Scale & Scope

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Every year in our education system, across the country, many education officers and principals get promoted to higher posts based on their seniority. They continue to climb up the ladder of the management structure with no reliable hand-holding to orient and guide them through their journey. They mostly depend on the collective knowledge of their peer or previous system leaders. Lack of structured and reliable ways of developing leadership in the education system has lead to the isolation of school leaders, education administrators, and policymakers. This calls to attention the need for enabling leadership in education for a sustained effort in improving the Indian education system. ShikshaLokam is an attempt to bring all key players of the domain of education leaders together to solve this issue.

What We Do

The ShikshaLokam platform offers a space to collaborate, co-design and co-create solutions at scale with an aim to catalyse the processes that are and will be running to build strong leadership in the education system. The Platform offers services and resources to ecosystem players - individuals, NGOs and Government, free of cost. Platform capabilities constitute the services provided by the Platform. Some of the capabilities are:

Learning Management Systems

    The Learning Management Systems offers the users the features to design, compile, search and tag various learning resources and undertake customised learning experiences. The Platform offers a knowledge taxonomy in order to map the knowledge pieces existing within the domain of education leadership.


    The Assessment capability on the ShikshaLokam platform allows users to create rubric-driven institutional and individual assessments collaboratively. The data collected through these assessments can be evaluated manually and/or automatically and be visualised through reports and dashboards. .

Improvement Plans

    The Improvement Plan capability allows users to create and track simple improvement plans for individual and institutional entities. The capability shall allow designating collaborators in projects, assigning mentors to learners and catalyse a learning-by-doing experience captured through reflections and discussion boards.

And many more…

    There are many more capabilities in the pipeline for the ShikshaLokam platform. The contributions of our Partners play a major role in shaping the way the Platform grows. Some of the upcoming capabilities on the Platform are: Interactions, Communities of Practice, Program Design and Program Management with many more.


    In addition to the creation of a Platform, ShikshaLokam is also working towards amplifying the mission of education leadership by running an incubation program Edumentum that incubates systemic education transformers, born the platform way. Edumentum aims to provide momentum to early-stage organisations that are working to strengthen education leadership in our country. Currently, 17+ organisations working to bring systemic school improvement through education leadership are being supported and mentored through ShikshaLokam.