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To bring a sustainable, systemic change in a complex and dynamic system like India’s education ecosystem, it is essential to work on enabling the education leaders. InvokED is the first ever global dialogue on how to bring this change. 

At InvokED, we put the spotlight on the so far deprioritised, but the most essential topic – leadership in the education ecosystem. Education leaders, practitioners, academicians, market players, teachers and students, from across the globe will come together, to collectively lead insightful, action oriented conversations.

Mark your calendars for InvokED 3.0 scheduled on Mar 1st, 2024
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Unbundle is a co-creation experience series to unfold and explore complex education policies and ideas with the education ecosystem.
In 2020, we unbundled the then recently released National Education Policy 2020, with a vibrant group of experts and NGOs. At the series of expert talks, design thinking sessions and creation of solutions, the group created solutions to take back to their programs. 
The 2021 edition was about designing education leadership programs which can go viral. We dug into the principles of virality and the participants went through a framework to prototype their programs and sustain the virality through network effects.
In 2022, we finally came together in-person with 12+ organisations to host Unbundle 3.0 – an immersion journey of unbundling the concept of Micro Improvement to strengthen and enable education leadership!

A co-learning series aimed to bring together partners towards applying societal platform thinking for education leadership.

In its first edition, 45 participants from various development, education and education leadership organisations joined the four expert sessions to deep dive into conversations around 

The edition led to improved understanding and onboarding of partners to the idea of solving through societal thinking.


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