Aligned to the vision of the Catalyst 2030, the India Education Collaborative (IEC) aims to bring together social change innovators to achieve SDG4 and related goals by 2030. It will act as a platform for catalysing collaboration, co-creation and collective action.

The Preamble

We, the members of India Education Collaborative,
Collectively will Promote Education Equity in India

By coalescing all our Heads, Hearts and Hands,
to Serve Children of the Country and
ensure that they develop their potential
to lead a life of their own creation

We commit to Collaboration, Co-creation, at all times
Acting on
Mutual Respect and Trust
Continuously Learning, and from each other
Ensuring Support, Care and Enabling Agency
For Children and for Each Other

To Catalyse Collective Action
between Sarkaar, Samaaj and Bazaar

And Celebrate endlessly
Our Children and Lifelong Learning for them!

The Making of India Education Collaborative(IEC)

Education in India necessitates an urgent action.The challenge of educational inequity in the context of India can be looked at from three mutually reinforcing lenses –

As a country, we have been a perennial poor-performer in SDG4. It is imperative that we focus on education transformation in India on a war-footing if we don’t want generations of children growing up ill-equipped to deal with challenges and demands of the 21st century world. Multi-dimensional expertise will be needed – research, design, implementation, advocacy, liasoning to name a few. The complexity of the challenge warrants all hands on deck.


"Orchestrating collective action is no more a choice, but a need of the hour. "


Mission of education equity and the approach of collective action

To build multi-stakeholder alignment among the actors in Government, CSOs, funding ecosystem, academia, market actors etc, the IEC will play the role of an evangelist by creating spaces for continuous dialogue and discussion. These spaces help shape a shared vision and build trust among the diverse actors. It will create a learning ecosystem on the what, why and how of systems change in education, and on the audacious vision brought to the fore by the NEP 2020.


Knowledge assets to democratise access to evidence-informed practices

The IEC will apply its resources to partner with academia and practitioners to design and publish open-source knowledge assets, including reports, guidelines, case studies, recommendations, program frameworks, based on global and local evidence-informed practices. Providing democratised access to such insights and experiences will facilitate accelerated action on the field.


Prototypes and programs to demonstrate the power of collective action

Action is at the heart of creating trust and proof points. The IEC will facilitate the coming together of people and resources, and will enable conditions at both the union and local levels for collective action towards education change to happen. Eg catalyse bold curriculum reforms, enable systemic transformation efforts towards improved student outcomes, reimagine mentoring for teachers and students, energise the efforts towards improved student agency etc.

About Catalyst 2030

Catalyst 2030 is a global community on a mission to catalyse collaboration across sectors to unleash collective potential for global systems change. Aligned to its vision of achieving SDGs by 2030, its principles and objectives, there is an urgent need to initiate and institute an India Education Collaborative to support every child to thrive in school, work and life.
Member Organizations

IEC Leaders

Dr Urvashi Sahni

Co-Founder, Catalyst 2030
Founder, Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF)

Dr Urvashi Sahni
Co-Founder, Catalyst 2030
Founder, Study Hall Educational Foundation (SHEF)

Dr Urvashi Sahni is a social entrepreneur, women’s rights activist, and educationist, and a leading expert in school governance, curriculum reform, and teacher training with a special focus on girls’ education and gender equality.

Khushboo Awasthi

COO, ShikshaLokam

Khushboo Awasthi
COO, Shikshalokam

A management professional turned education enthusiast, Khushboo is the Co-Founder of ShikshaLokam & Mantra4Change, both non-profits working to transform the education ecosystem.

Member Organisations